Custom Hot Tub Covers

Every Hot Tub Cover we build is Custom made

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Designer Colors

We build Hot Tub Covers with Sunbrella Marine grade acrylic fabric

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Our hot tub covers were designed by a woman so she could use the spa by herself. Most of our customers can use them with one hand.

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Hot Tub Covers Built Right

Every foam filled hot tub cover ever made will end up the same way. Broken, heavy or blown away in the wind. Years ago, a single woman with a serious back injury needed to get into her hot tub for therapy.

Staring at a hot tub cover she couldn’t lift without hurting herself further she knew she had to come up with a better way to cover her spa.

At first the goal was just to build something she could handle herself. As she went through different stages of development she was pleased to find out that it also insulated better than her old foam cover.

Once she finished and installed her creation on her hot tub it wasn’t long before her friends wanted one for their own spas.

That’s how our business was started. Literally, we build each cover like it was going on her own hot tub.


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